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Aug 30 - Rev. Dale Clem - Adversity in Stained Glass

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A note from the Pastor

Have you ever heard a pastor or Christian say that if you just give your life to Jesus and believe, all your problems will dissolve?  This type of theology teaches that a Christian life is supposed to be full of blessings.  If you find yourself in trouble or distressed then either it is because of sin and you need to confess it, or your faith is not strong enough and needs renewing.  In this theology, we pretend we are living a stress free happy life, but this type of life is rarely authentic.  Looking seriously at the New Testament should convince us that the theology that says Christians will be happy and wealthy is far from the example of Jesus’ life or his disciples.  You would not say that Jesus had a happy carefree life or even a successful one as we today measure success.  Paul and the other disciples suffered great hardships and became martyrs.  Although the school of hard knocks is not a school, by the end of our lives, we are all graduates.  How we deal with adversity is the topic of my sermon this Sunday.  I look forward to sharing it with you. 

I also look forward to celebrating the life of Jake Reep on Saturday at 1:00 in the Sanctuary followed by a reception.  I am also looking forward to the spiritual growth and love which will be shown at the youth Discovery Weekend.  Aren’t you happy to be part of such a supportive and dynamic community of faith?  --Dale Clem


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