While backpacking on the Appalachian Trail, when I climbed above the tree-line on Mount Madison in New Hampshire, I could not believe the power of the wind. It sent me to my knees and I had to crawl across the rocks to keep from being blown off the mountain. Another hiker told me the same gust of wind had blown the hat off his head, and the water bottle out of his pack. The Ranger at Mount Washington the next day said that the winds were blowing at 60 mph. Perhaps you've been in an airplane during the turbulence caused by strong gusts of wind. You know the power of the wind. The writer of Acts describes the coming of Holy Spirit as like the violent blowing of the wind. The Holy Spirit is powerful. One of the most important occurrences on Pentecost was that the Holy Spirit enabled non-Aramaic speaking persons to understand the message of Jesus. The Holy Spirit frees the uni-versal message of the gospel for all. The Holy Spirit also brings unity. We are all One though Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is still at work breaking down barriers, unifying those with differences, and sending hope and salvation to the universe.

Rev. Dale Clem




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May 24 - Rev. Dale Clem - Celebrating the Spirit

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