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May 29 - Rev. Dale Clem - Praising God in the Ordinary

Pastor Dale's Letter

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From the Pastor:  At the Farewell Picnic Dinner last Sunday night, I was really overwhelmed by the turnout of approximately 225 persons.  In worship we had the highest attendance since Easter: 239.  In looking at the crowd, someone said to me:  "You have really touched a lot of lives!"  As I looked at each family, I was reminded of how each person and family had touched my life.  So many of you have shared your joys and hurts with me, and like grapes rubbing together, a sacred wine was made.  Thank-you for your love, encouragement, and best wishes. The sheep theme for the party was so cute.  The sheep cupcakes and sheep images including the slide show with me and real sheep in the Sanctuary made me laugh.  I have tried to be a good shepherd.  In reflecting over the past 12 years, I think of the many Bible Studies, Classes, worship services, mission trips, building projects, visioning meetings, confirmation classes, funerals, and over 600 sermons I have shared with you. Each sermon and study had you in mind, and so we were partners in dialogue as the Body of Christ. 

Of course I could not have done this work without the support of my wife Kelly, and daughters Laurel and Sarah.  My family all made sacrifices over the years so I could be available to the church family. I was grateful when Roger Rinn asked them all to stand and you gave them applause, but each of them have given to the church in quiet and unknown ways.
I also could not have done this work without the leaders and persons who stepped up to follow my leadership. I am grateful to the PPSR and kitchen committee and many volunteers who created such a lovely and tasty party.  In my heart I want to write a thank-you note to everyone, but I know it will never get done.  Forgive me, and know that I am grateful.  Blessings,  —Dale Clem

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