You are welcome here. At Monte Sano United Methodist Church you will find abundant opportunities to worship, study, enjoy fellowship with friends, and serve the community. We encourage you to join in wherever your interests and gifts lead you!

Manna Class meets in Library on Sundays 10:15 and is conducted by Roger Rinn, Ph.D. The Manna Class is currently studing Romans and its relevancy to modern life. Come join in the livey discussions and lessons from a group of "works in progress". Email Roger at for more information.


Acacia Class meets in Youth Building on Sundays 10:15 conducted by Rev. Larry Millard.

Spring Study:  God the Holy Spirit; Claiming the Holy Spirit as the Guide for Our Lives
March: The Pledge of God; Presence
April: The Community of the Beloved Disciple
May: One in the Bond of Love


Agape Class   Members of this group seek Biblical truths and values to apply to their lives in a format that is relaxed, discussion based and Bible centered.  The class welcomes new members and monthly social events are planned.

The Men’s Bible Study Group

gets together at 6:00 am on Wednesday mornings to explore the Word and enjoy time together before the rigors of the day begin.The Grow Team, or “G Team”, is dedicated to growing the church and winning new converts to Christ. They greet people, write letters to visitors, and try to make everybody feel welcome within our open doors.

The Care / Share Group

serves the congregation and community in a variety of ways: facilitating funerals,visiting shut-ins, sending cards and letters of encouragement, and raising awareness of needs to be met.

Disability Ministries

looks after those with special needs within our flock and ensures that the church is welcoming, accommodating, and safe for all.

The Trustees

Are you handy with tools? Take care of the physical church facilities. If you’d like to be  a caretaker of God’s house, give them a call. 

Prayer Ministry

Some people are tallest when they are on their knees! Such prayer warriors can join the Prayer Ministries group, who pray for the needs raised by the congregation as well as praying for the duration of each worship service that God will touch us and work through us.

Retired Mountaineers

is a social group for those in the golden years of life. They meet each Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 from the fall until Summer. In January thru May, and again in September they meet at Monte Sano United Methodist Church, then in November thru December they move next door to Monte Sano Baptist Church. The group enjoys games, meals, and good times!