Congregational Care

ROLE OF CARE/SHARE COMMITTEE: (not just the captains but all of us!) Get to know ALL your neighbors!  Visit, call, plan gatherings.  Be alert to community needs, as well as church family needs. Inform the minister and congregation of new families, moves, deaths, special problems, celebrations, births, illnesses-all caring opportunities. Call your group when requested (weather closures, special prayer requests, etc.) Especially alert those of your group without email. Call, visit, send cards to the sick, shut in, or any special acknowledgement.

Funerals- Working with the family and pastor, get your care/share group to supply food, support, whatever you can in their grief. Coordinating with the Congregational Care Committee chairperson, make a menu and secure food following the service if the family requests a meal.

We are a large family! Your group may contain a nursing home patient, a church musician, or a member in a nearby community.  Try to get to know one another and stay in touch. Please take a month to arrange altar flowers and deliver them to persons on our prayer concern list as directed by the minister. Provide support to evangelism and hospitality committees in welcoming visitors and nurturing new members. Add to the white board in the office information for the church staff; maintain the birthday calendar. Assist with quarterly communion to the shut-ins. Assist with retired mountaineers, the disabilities ministries committee, prayer ministry, and prayer shawl /prayer bead ministries as needed.

Care Share Group Leaders (areas of service/group members)

Group One:  (Castlegate, West Point, Becket and Inspiration) Wanda Clay, Roger and Karren Crowson, Helen and Norbert Dalizu,Libby Dunagan, George Flowers, Roger Rinn, Joan Monroe

Group Two: Jim and Linda Wallace (West Side of Panorama and Monte Sano Blvd. ending at the Blvd/Panorama intersection North)  Bob and Latika Becker,  Helen Howie and Gary Clark,Teri Finney, Lyle and Jennifer Garrison, Chip and Courtney Gulbro, Marianne Hill, Jack and Betsy Kephart, Curt and Allison Lewis, Christie McCool, Jim and Pat McMillion, Richard and Shirley Miller,  Joe and Joanne Pinnix,  Betsy Reep, Janet Richardson, Kem and Nancy Robertson,  Lucas Stewart and Jackie Mahaffey, Walt and Sue Terry, Aelwyn Thomas, Elizabeth Thornton, Jim and Linda Wallace, Bill and Wanda Wilkenson, Lesa and Tom Wilkinson, Josh Williams, Greg Wright

Group Three: Alice Shattuck, assisted by Patty Henritze (East side of Monte Sano Blvd. and Panorama, ending at north intersection of Panorama and Monte Sano Blvd.) Dennis and Pat Aplin,  Dana Bathurst, Candice Bledsoe-Barreto, Mark Bofill and Bridget Cargill, John and Connie Burns, Dale and Kelly Clem, Robert and Gina Crook, Freddie DiPlacido, Bill Foreman,Vita French, Dave and Cynthia Fuller, Hayden and Jane Glenn, Roy Godfrey  Jerry Green,  Brenda Hall, David and Donna Harris, Patti Henritze,  Cami Kelton, Tylor Jones and Sarah Clem,Mike and Leah Kotar, Marcy and Bob Lawton, Luci Long, George and Christel McCanless, Margot Neubert,   Jenny Otto, Robert Patterson, Travis Pinnix, Wyatt and Marilyn Poe, Scott and Carol Ratliff and Will and Caitlin Ratliff, Beth Williams, Dawn Roden, Daniel and Susan Rogers, Nate Showers, George and Alice Shattuck, Rev. Carl Smallwood, Dan and Amanda Stephens,  Linda Warmbrod, Susan Weber and Steve Caudill,Bob and Cathy White, Scott and Laura Wright,  Richard and Sandy Wright

Group Four: Joanne Sanders, assisted by Joan Manning, Les and Jan Miller  (Both sides of Monte Sano Blvd. and including Viduta Lane to Panorama south and all intersecting streets) Martha Barnes, Lou and Judy Davis, Beverly Drake, Greg Franks, ,James Manning, Joan Manning, Jency and John McCoy, Les and Jan Miller, Bill and Pam Patrick and Patty Patrick (Bill's sister), T. and Phyllis Poe, Ken and Mamie Rideout, Sandee Riopka, Jackie Roche,Jeanne Robinson, Joanne and Les Sanders, Stephen and Robin Scott, Wendi Watson, Peter and Beth Van Waveran

Group Five: Loye Pine and Doris Fandre assisted by Fred and Priscilla Seeley (Viduta Lane north, Georgetta, West of and including Viduta Circle) Russ and Mindy Alexander,  Christine Owen, Joe Akin, Werner and Nancy Baker,  Dan and Maryetta Buchanan, Ginger Cribbs, Joe and Tomlyn Dombrowski, Cason and Emily Elam, Fred and Gaye Evans, Gene and Mary Ann Ezell, Donovan and Doris Fandre, Ken and Linda Farnell,  Tom Gale, Dee Hall, Ed Kelton, Bob and Leo Larkin, Lyn and Julianna Larsen, Brenda Letson, Stephanie Maday, Thomas and Karen McLean, Curt and Kristen Moore, Pete and Jan Petersen, Kip and Loye Pine and LaRoyah Toney,  Ned and Eliza Ready, Fred and Priscilla Seeley, Susan and Tommy Siniard, Jim and Angie Stevens, Nita West

Group Six: Bette and Dan Walker, assisted by Judy Berry, Bryant and Carlene Castellow (East of Viduta Circle) Mike and Ruth Bentley, Judy Berry, Lu Casey, Bryant and Carline Castellow, Rich and Caroline Choppa, Roland and Shirley Connor, Greg and Jennifer Curl, Brigeta and Theresa Goshen,Lee and Demetra Haymes, Aletha Howie, Rosemary Juergensen, Peter and Kerry Holder-Joffrion, Jamie and Angie Kephart, Tom and Jan Krell, Judy Marler, Don and Sara Masterson,Milton and Dale Page,  Judy Rinn, Earl and Elizabeth Self,  Ben and Caty Stokes, Joyce Tibbs, Dan and Bette Walker, Juanita Walker, Kevin and Katherine West

Group Seven:  Richard and Sherry Sorrell (Cove Creek, Dug Hill, Brownsboro) Bennie and Sandy Berry, Jim and Tina Blackmon, Bob and Janet Bradford, Meg Carstens,Russell Dunford, Evelyn Howie, Mitchell and Melanie Howie,  Joe and Linda Musick, Mark and Cindy Quadrini, Richard and Sherry Sorrell, Doug and Ann Tiller, Ken and Aiden Walker, Andrea and Daniel Williams

Group Eight: Vivian Clark  (West of Hampton Cove, Hampton Cove, South 431) Jim Baker, Freida Belew, Kelly Beverly, Ty and Marijo Braddy, Doug and Carly Bryant, Ann and Mike Byers, Larry and Cathy Coleman, Jan Canion, Vivian Clark,  Dave and Liz Hargrove, Jeff and Mary Hindman, Donna and Victor Jiminez, Aaron and Nina Lee,Tracy and Julie Marion,Chet and Louise May, Danielle and Randy Moore, Jane Moore, Jimmy and Sarah Moore, Bob and Mary Catherine Nance and Faith Nance, Paul and Alice Robinson, Emily Rushton, Ed and Deborah Soule, Kay Spanogle,Jill Stewart, Roger and Alice Tanghe , Cornelia and Carey Watson-Roberts

Group Nine: Donna Hendricks (Huntsville/ zip code 35802 (excludes Blossomwood school district), 35803,-04,05,-06, Arab, Lacey Springs)    Dan and Jana Buchanan, Terry and Sue Burcham, Dana and Taylor Dobson, Betty Gipson, George and Stephanie Hanna, Bobby and Donna Hendricks, James and Kristi Hill,  Mary Ellen and Richard Judah,Marianne McConnell,Bill and Heather Moore, Steve and Linda Motes, Jim Robertson,Ed and Shirley Shattuck, Cathleen and Steve Shaw, Jan Davis and Dick Richardson, Nina Walker, Dee and Tommy Waugh,  Jean Battle, Homer and Linda Hickam, Pat Keefer, Ken and Shannon Newton, Brian and Terri Pung, Jill Chadwick, James Phillips

Group Ten: Lisa Patrick and Mary McDonald (Oakwood/ 5 Points/ Gurley, New Market) Penny Baker, Eric and Tracy Beck, Amanda Billings,  Brian Cantley, Josh and Ellie Clark, Victoria Clendenon, Ken Dawson,  Bryant and Tammy Castellow, Jeannette Farrell, C. C. Green, Tom Hardy,Louann Long, Cam McCaulley, Kelley McCormick, ,Bill and Mary McDonald, Rev. and Mrs. Larry (Pat) Millard, Bill and Cindy Mull, Arthur                   Patrick, Lisa Patrick, Peg Schoettlin, Lee and Rainey Simpson, Richard and Mary Anne Stromstrom,  Samuel and Candice Troupiano, Dave and Cathy Wieczorek, Chris Wooten and Mari Irwin-Wooten, Ray and Lana Walker, Andrew Zollar

Group Eleven: (Blossomwood School District)  Billy and Donna Brasfield, Bill and Carol Burgess,   JoAnn Clem, Emma Colley, Avis Crunk and Emma Godfrey, Jon and Betsy Cuhna, Ramon and Lisa Daniel,Donna Jobe, Jeff and Suzanne Komara, Jean Lovelace,  Scott and Linda Nagle,Richard and Nona Perdue,  David and Annie Stewart,Michael and Melissa Timberlake, Phillip and Rachel Wiles,  Scott and Linda Nagle, Phil and Kerry Williams,  John and Chawn Wade, Reuben Walters,Andy and Sarah Zupka

Group Twelve:  Ken Atkins, leader (North Huntsville/Madison/Ardmore) Ken and Vivianne Atkins, Shelley Bilbrey, Derrick Byars, Mike and Holly Fama, Brenda Formby, Billy and Jan Hix,  Wesley and Linda Marsh, Olga Steiner, David and Michelle Walker, Brian Williams, Scott and Joy Williams, Austil Yosefi, Garret Zollar