At Monte Sano United Methodist Church, we work hard to foster Christ-centered community. We are a group of people who are committed to Christ and to one another. We know we’re not perfect!  But we are being transformed day by day through the Gospel. It’s a journey of faith that we share with others. 

When you get plugged in at Monte Sano United Methodist Church you’ll find people who are not only committed to one another but actually enjoy being together as well! We believe gathering together regularly to love God and one another is not just a Biblical idea; it’s also a better way to live. Being a part of a community where God is at work is exciting! 

No matter who you are, or how young or old, there are opportunities for you at Monte Sano United Methodist Church. We connect when we worship together at Sunday services. We also connect through church events, growth groups, classes, and Bible studies. The links under this header represent some of the many opportunities for you and your family to begin your journey on the mountain.